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Door Closers

Surface Mounted Door Closers

Surface Mounted Door Closers provide smooth constant control of the door through its full opening and closing cycle by using mechanical devices. These devices will automatically close the door by the use of the internal springs and hydraulic oil with cylinders and valves that adjust the speed of the door closing and latching. Surface door closers can be used on any type of door, including metal, wood, fiberglass, and aluminum doors. While there are many types and models of light, medium, and heavy duty surface closers Direct Doors and Hardware can help you narrow down your search by finding you the best application for the job.

Overhead Concealed Door Closers

Overhead concealed closers provide an aesthetically appealing way to close a door. In situations where a closer is needed but concealment in the frame header is required or desired they are the ideal solution for door control. When security is desired the concealed nature of these closers provides a high degree of resistance to abuse since the arm, track and closer is completely concealed when the door is closed. The opening range of these closers are 90 degree 105 degree Hold Open or Non-Hold Open models and can be offset or center hung in the application. Concealed closers can be used with a variety of types of doors.

Concealed in the Door Closers

Concealed in the Door Closers provide an aesthetically appealing way to close a door. These closers are designed to mount inside of a door. The single lever arm and roller assembly provides complete concealment.

Floor Closers

Floor closers provide the best mechanical means to support and control a door. They are designed to work with the laws of physics to provide long-lasting performance and reliability being able to close even the heaviest of doors. Floor closers are aesthetically appealing because they are recessed underneath the door, in the floor and are usually mounted onto a cement case and covered by the threshold.

Low Energy Power Operated Closer/ Opener

Power operated openers/ closers are most commonly used to meet ADA compliant codes (must be paired with “Push to Open” for compliancy). They can have both manual and automatic opening and closing capabilities. They can be mounted on virtually any door.


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