Electrified Door Hardware

Commercial Door Hardware

Electric Locks

Enterprise Series

The Enterprise Lock is a Grade 2 electronic lockset with touchpad entry. It has a key override system and allows 6 sets of user codes. The Blue backlight automatically lights up when someone’s hand gets close to the built-in sensor. It has pre-entry code which prevents code deciphering and an auto-locking function which enhances security and convenience. Battery powered and available in Satin Nickel and Tuscanny Bronze.

CR3000 Series

The CR3000 is a Grade 1 electronic lockset with a tactile metal keypad. This locks clutch system allows the handle to turn freely when locked, deterring the handle from breaking. It allows a master code, 1 sub-master code, 10 manager codes, 90 user codes, and 5 service codes. It has solid brass 6 pin “C” keyway cylinder and other optional keyways and interchangeable cores. Some other functions it has is buzzer and Led indicators, anti-tampering lockout, long life battery operation, and enable and disable user modes. It is UL listed 3-hour rating, conforming to standards UL10C and UBC 7-2-1997 and conforms with ANSI A 156.2 Series 4000, Heavy Duty, Barrier Free, Grade1. Available in Dark Oxidized Bronze and Satin Chrome.

CR6000 Series

The CR6000 is a Grade 1 electronic lockset with touchscreen entry. It allows a master code, 3 manager codes, 1,000 combined RFID and user codes, and 3 service codes with a 4 to 6 digit code combination. Its functions include: passage mode, long life battery operation, 9V battery emergency power, lock-out mode, clutch technology, interchangeable core option, non-handed and reversible, wake-up button, and RFID proximity card (13.56 MHZ). Available in Satin Chrome, Dark Oxidized Bronze, Bright Brass, Satin Brass, and Bright Chrome.

Miscellaneous Electric

Electric Strikes

Electric Strikes allows the door to open without the retracting of the latchbolt. They use AC or DC current to allow keyless release of a locked door. For this to occur the electric strike lip must be released and when the door closes the beveled latchbolt rides over the lip and falls into the electric strike pocket. Buzzers are commonly used to let someone outside know that the door is open. Fail safes and fail secures are common functions along with a request to exit electrified lock.

Electromagnetic Locks

ElectroMagnetic locking devices work by using a frame-mounted magnet with an AC or DC current and a door-mounted armature. These locks can be surface mounted and conceal mounted with a variety of holding forces. Options include door status monitor, adjustable time delay, magnetic bond status, and anti-tamper input for monitoring.

Electromagnetic Door Holders

These holders are used in applications for fire and smoke barrier doors to hold open until released by a remote switching device or they can simply be used in a variety of other applications to just hold the door.

Other Electrified Hardware

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