Commercial Door Hardware


Direct Doors and Hardware has an assortment of commercial door hinges which includes plain bearing, ball bearing, spring, and NRP (non-removable pin) hinges; these can be provided in full mortise, half mortise, full surface, and half surface.  We also provide specialty hinges such as continuous hinges (Roton), pivots, electrified hinges, hospital tip hinges, unequal leaf hinges, invisible hinges, swing clear hinges, and much more. These hinges are available in a wide variety of types, sizes and finishes so let Direct Doors narrow down your search and help you find the best application for the job.

Full Mortise Plain Bearing

Plain bearing hinges are for medium (standard) weight doors or doors requiring low frequency service. They are designed to have both leaves mortised into the jamb and the door. Available in 1/4”, 5/8”, and square corner with Residential and Commercial sizes.

Full Mortise Ball Bearing

Ball Bearing Door Hinges are the smoothest and quietest option for hanging your door. They offer more stability being able to handle high frequency use. They are required for fire rating openings and are designed to have both leaves mortised into the jamb and door. Available in 5/8” and square corner with Residential and Commercial sizes.

Spring Hinges

Spring butt hinges are used anywhere you need a door to self-close. Spring hinges are full mortise single acting reverse action. Generally spring door hinges are used on exterior doors. Spring hinges are a less expensive and great solution to a standard commercial door closer. Available in 1/4”, 5/8”, and square corner with Residential and Commercial sizes.

NRP- Non Removable Pin Hinges

Non removable pin hinges are used in applications where a higher security is needed. They should be used on exterior doors that swing out due to the set screw in the barrel, which is only accessible on the inside, when the door is open. This feature helps prevent intruders from removing the hinge pin and the door.

Specialty Hinges/Pivots

Specialty hinges include hospital tip hinges, electric transfer hinges, continuous hinges, invisible hinges, swing clear hinges, double acting hinges, pivots and more.

Hospital Tip Hinges

Hospital Tip Hinges have rounded tips at barrels end to help prevent hanging objects on the hinge. The hinge pin is irremovable which is great for medical or security areas and mental institutions to prevent tampering and/or injury. 2-ball bearing is recommended for average frequency doors while 4-ball bearing for high frequency usage.

Electrified Hinges

Electrified Hinges are intermediate connectors which pass a constant flow of current between the power source and the actuated device in the door. They are available in 4, 6 and 8 wire configuration with 12V or 24V DC. Available in standard or heavy weight.

Continuous Hinges

Continuous geared hinges are designed to provide superior performance you can rely on in high-traffic areas. This is due to the absence of a pin as in conventional hinges, instead a geared rotating joint is used to distribute weight evenly along the full length of the frame thus minimizing wear on the hinge. Types: Full Surface, Half Surface and Concealed Leaf. Fire Ratings are available.


Pivots are used for very heavy doors and lead lined doors to aid in support of the higher frequency and abuse. They provide increased reinforcement at the top corner of the door and jamb where stress can occur relying on the strength of the floor to carry the weight, not the frame which prevents door sagging and allows the door to swing with less resistance from friction. Reversible and available in offset and center hung.


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