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Medium Duty Grade 2 Levers

Grade 2 commercial levers are great for medium duty interior and exterior applications on all types of doors. Often used in medical facilities, offices, hotels/motels, religious buildings, apartment buildings, retail stores, and in heavy duty residential use. Commercial lever Grade 2 handles are strength tested and made to meet ADA requirements and are UL listed. Available in a wide variety of keyed and non-keyed functions and in the most popular finishes.

Heavy Duty Grade 1 Levers

Grade 1 commercial locks are used for heavy duty commercial applications such as hospitals, public buildings, schools and factories or any high use area.

Interconnected Levers

Interconnected door locks have an internal mechanism that deactivates the deadbolt lock when the knob or lever is turned to open the door. This type of lock is convenient, but also required by some municipalities for certain applications like group, or retirement homes. There are several different brands and options available for interconnected door locks.

Levers with Interchangeable Key Core

Interchangeable core locks have removable cores that house the key cylinder. They can be easily exchanged giving you the flexibility to properly manage the keyed locks in your facility. A variety of cylinders and cores are available and are generally compatible with several different types of cores, giving you the ability to easily swap them out. Most of our commercial door knobs and levers can be provided with standard keyway, or interchangeable core.

Mortise Locks

Heavy Duty Mortise locks are typically seen in commercial and institutional buildings where mortise locks are required. Rather than being applied to the door’s surface these locks are recessed into a pocket in the door. These locks are much stronger and more versatile then bored cylindrical locks, both in the internal mechanism and overall functionality. They are available in knob, lever, keyed, and non-keyed functions with a wide array of finished and designs.

Cylindrical Knob Locksets

Cylindrical knob locks serve similarly to lever sets in both purpose and function but with the desired round knob. They are available in Grade 1 and Grade 2 with a variety of keyed, non-keyed, high security, and interchangeable core functions. A wide variety of styles and finishes are available.

Common Lock Functions

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Lever Styles



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