Thresholds & Weatherstrip

Commercial Door Hardware


Direct Doors offers a wide variety of thresholds including: Saddle Thresholds, Half Saddle Thresholds, Carpet Thresholds, Thermal Barrier Saddle Thresholds, Elevator and Bumper Strips, Residential Thresholds, Bumper Thresholds, ADA Ramp Thresholds, Floor Plate Assemble Thresholds, Panic Thresholds, Thermal Barrier Panic Thresholds, Interlocking Thresholds, Abrasive Case Aluminum Thresholds, and Cover Plate Assembly Thresholds. Below are the most common thresholds.  Let Direct Doors narrow down your search and help you find the best application for the job.

Common Threshold Sizes 

threshold sizes.jpg


Weatherstripping is available in several different types, below are the most common.  Others can include Intumescent products for positive pressure solutions to include fire, smoke, light, and sound transition.  Most weatherstripping is available in various sizes and finishes with silicone, vinyl, pile and brush inserts. The most common colors are white, gray, black, and brown.