Metal Door Frame

Commercial Hollow Steel Door Frames


Industrial Strength Metal Steel Door Frames at a great price!

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In addition to doors, Direct Doors also offers Metal Steel Frames in both standard and custom sizes. Having Frames available in stainless steel, lead-lined (x-ray), A60 galvannealed steel, or G90 galvanized steel, we are sure to carry frame models to fit your needs. We also carry kerfed frames for weatherstripping and thermal break frames for cold-climate applications.

Frames are available in a variety of gauges of steel with 16 gauge being our standard. Frames are also available for both 1 3/4" and 1 3/8" thick doors. Additionally, our standard frames are reinforced to comply with specified hardware in accordance to ANSI A115 standards.

General Specifications
• Standard frames are available as welded-up or knock down (KD).

• Hinge jambs are prepared and reinforced to receive 3 standard weight 41⁄2" x 41⁄2" (114 mm x 114 mm) butt hinges. Hinge reinforcements can easily be converted to accommodate heavy weight hinges.

• Strike jambs are prepared and reinforced to receive one standard 47⁄8" (124 mm) strike in accordance to ANSI A115.1.

• Hinge and strike jambs can be provided with the required anchors that fit your construction needs. No anchors or anchor prep needed for Knock-Down Drywall Frames.

• On welded-up frames, all welded joints are ground smooth and touched-up with primer paint to provide a seamless look.

Frames available with hinge spacings from all manufacturers, including:

DKS • Steelcraft • Curries • Ceco • Republic • Mesker • Pioneer