Fire Rated Wood Doors

Commercial Wood Doors


Commercial Fire Rated Wood Doors 

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Direct Doors and hardware provide commercial fire rated wood doors standard 20 minute rating from the factory on any particleboard core or structural composite lumber core doors that we supply. For extended 45, 60, and 90 minute fire code rating requirements a mineral core door is available (see below).


A rugged construction consisting of hardwood veneers permanently bonded to crossbands frame and core. The modulus of rupture and elasticity of the premium core is much higher than competitive products providing less breakage during manufacturing. The weight of this premium core is lighter than competitive products allowing for more units per shipment.

Premium Grade conforming to or exceeding WDMA Industry Standard I.S. 1-A and Architectural Woodwork Institute Standards for type FD 5 as tested per A.S.T.M. E-152 "Fire Test of Door Assemblies" performed by Warnock Hersey International.

Single Door
4/0 wide, 10/0 high

4/0 wide, 9/0 high,
(8/0x9/0 opening)

Double Egress 4/0 wide,
8/0 high, (8/0x8/0 opening)
1-3/4" (±1/16")

Stiles - (Before Trim or Prefit)* Treated maple for 45 and 60 minutes, laminated maple for 90 minute, bonded to the core. All are available veneered to match the face.

Rails - (Before Trim or Prefit)* Treated maple. Bonded to the core.

The purpose of inner Blocking is to attach surface mounted hardware and exit devices with screws, therefore eliminating through bolts on 45, 60, and 90 minute doors.

Mineral Core is an asbestos-free, mineral-based product that meets the criteria for 45, 60, and 90 minute fire rated doors. The manufacturing of the fire door core is accomplished with a proprietary process developed by the manufacturer. The premium core is unique in regard to weight and strength properties.

All veneer species as available meeting AWI or WDMA visual grading rules as specified, MDO, or HPL Type I or II bond as specified.

Core and frame are uniformly sized to a thickness of 1-1/2" (±0.15") Core and frame components are assembled to meet or exceed fire rating specifications.

Type I or Type II bond, by specification, between faces and core/frame components.

Extra heavy duty available.

May be labeled and classified by Warnock Hersey International or Underwriters Laboratories as 45-60-90 minute rating. Doors are capable of meeting the requirements for both positive and neutral pressure fire tests, including UBC 7-2 (1997), UL 10C(1998), NFPA 252 (1995), ASTM E-152 (1982), and UL 10B (1997), including the hose stream. Restrictions on machining and architectural accessories or application are per the governing authority.

Agrifiber, a wheat or flax based core, can be constructed to meet the criteria for 45 and 60 minute fire rated doors. The Agrifiber core allows greater compliance with LEED based requirements and provides an option to mineral based products. Contact us for special details.

* Fire labeled doors may not be refit in the field if already factory prefit sized. If not factory prefit for length, maximum field trim is 3/4" from the bottom only per NFPA-80, 1986, Fire Doors, Chapter 1-3.5