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Fiberglass Doors

A more affordable option than wood!


Fiberglass doors are some of the most versatile products that Direct Doors carries. Since they require very little maintenance, are designed for durability, and are energy-efficient, they make an excellent option for residential, commercial, and institutional installations. Aesthetically, they add dimension and depth to the entrance while functionally offering durable protection.

General Specifications:
-Doors shall be flushed or embossed, & nominally 1.75 inches thick. Face sheets shall be manufactured from fiberglass reinforced facing for superior flatness & corrosion resistance. Smooth facing provides for superior impact resistance.

-Surface shall be suitable for maximum adhesion for finish paint or stains.

-Face sheet preparation shall be smooth or grained.

-Doors shall be foamed in place, stiffened & structurally reinforced with environmentally friendly polyurethane.

-Full perimeter of door is constructed with composite capped LVL with a stile & rail construction.

-Hinge prep shall be surface mounted, mortised or dimpled for residential weight non- template
hole pattern hinges. Doors up to 6'8" high shall be prepared for 3 hinges. Doors 8'0" high shall
be prepped for 4 hinges.

-Latching & deadbolt hardware is supported by and reinforced with 11 inch wood lock block for
secure mounting for decorative handset & deadbolt hardware.

-Lock face preparations are limited to 2- -1/8" face bores at both 2- -3/4" & 2- 3/8" backsets.
Edge preps for cylindrical lock & deadbolt preps 2- 1/4" x 1".

-Knock- -on applied bulb/fin & bottom sweep for superior water & air infiltration



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Commercial Roll-up Doors

Direct Doors and Hardware carries a superior line of Commercial Roll-up Doors from Janus International. With their large assortment of doors we can assure to find only the best roll-up door, fitting every need. Janus is set apart from all other manufacturers by offering standard features that no other manufacturer does including; tension holding devices, spiral torque tubes, and adjustment in bracket systems (up/down and horizontally/vertically).  Roll-up door models include; Pre-Assembled Industrial Door (PAID), certified wind-load rated, heavy duty options, and a variety of operators. With the numerous models and types of roll-up doors available Direct Doors can help narrow down your search and find you the best application for the job.

Model 1000 (PAID)

The Model 1000 door is Janus' newest offering for ease of installation. The Pre-Assembled Industrial Door (PAID) offers a push-up operation that comes with brackets and tensioner pre-assembled. The reduced drive chain hoist operation is delivered with brackets, tension, gears and chain drive pre-assembled.

Model 1100 is the windload rated version of the Model 1000. FL#12765.1 (to 8'-8" wide) and FL#12765.2 (to 10'-0" wide)

Model 1950

The value engineered model 1950 is the first of the next generation of roll up sheet doors to feature a substantial economic advantage. This door features innovative components that make the Model 1950 more versatile, flexible and easy to install and service in a variety of field applications, particularly boat/RV warehouses and out buildings.

Model 1950 Heavy Duty

The Model 1950 HD (Heavy Duty) is a roll up sheet door engineered with strength and durability in mind. Universal mount 3" deep 12 gauge galvanized steel guides securely engage the door curtain. The versatility and easy operation make this door dependable, yet still economical. Backed by a one year warranty on workmanship and material, this heavy duty Model 1950 HD is the best value on the market.

Bathroom Hardware & Accessories

Direct Doors and Hardware also has a comprehensive line of quality, commercial and industrial washroom accessories. Buying from only the top manufactures Direct Doors can assure only the best products with an excellent price point to all of our customers.  Products provided can be used in new and existing commercial, industrial, and HUD facilities. A wide variety of styles, colors, materials and finishes are available to insuring the absolute best fit for your project. Applications can include in hospitals, nursing homes, schools, office buildings, factories, airports, restaurants, prisons, hotels, health clubs, locker rooms and public restrooms.  All products are manufactured in compliance with American Disabilities Act- (ADA) and ANSI requirements.

Products include: Grab Bars, Mirrors & Mirror Shelves, Medicine Cabinets, Washroom Accessories, Shower and Tub Seats, Dispensers / Disposals, Hooks, Shower Rods and Accessories, Anti-ligature / Security / Vandal Resistant Accessories, Partition Hardware, Corner Guards, Stainless Shelving / Janitorial Accessories, Railings, Mounting Kits / Fasteners