Direct Doors and Hardware is your online source for commercial doors, frames and hardware.

We offer a wide variety of commercial hollow metal steel, fiberglass, wood and wood composite doors, with knocked down, welded, prefinished interior or exterior hollow metal frames and a large assortment of commercial door hardware.

Family owned. Affordable. Experienced.

We are a family owned and operated company based in Central Virginia with three generations of experience in the door industry.

We have designed online tools like our easy to use door builders which help take away the hassle and confusion when ordering in this sometimes complicated industry, along with providing easy and direct access to the essential information needed for pricing and ordering your Direct Door and Hardware requirements.

The door builders aim to serve customers nationwide whether small, medium, or large in size for use in Commercial, Industrial, Institutional, or Government applications. We take pride in buying direct from top door manufacturers and shipping direct to wherever you need.

Bringing innovation and simplicity to a complicated industry since 2015.


In an industry with three zillion pages of specifications, documents, and nomenclatures Direct Doors and Hardware aims to make your door buying experience as simple as possible.

We like to think of buying doors as being comparable to choosing between chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla.  After all we are talking about something that has had the same basic form and functionality for thousands of years.

For that reason, a door, one of the most basic construction items, should consume the least amount of your valuable time. That is why we are committed to fast service, dependable information, and direct buying and shipping.