Hager BB1279 Ball Bearing Hinge

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$ 45.99

Ball bearing hinges are designed to minimize friction, making them particularly useful for heavier doors, especially those installed at an entry or with an automatic closer. These hinges feature bearings that ensure a smooth and quiet operation, resulting in consistent and reliable opening and closing of the door.

Finish: US3

Usually Ships: 2-3 Days

  • Five Knuckle - Ball Bearing
  • 4.5" X 4.5"
  • Standard Weight
  • Full Mortise

  • ANSI A8112
  • Two ball bearings
  • Non-rising removable pin with button tip and plug
  • 4-1/2" x 4-1/2" (89 mm x 89mm) available with reversible hole pattern
  • For use on medium weight doors or doors requiring medium frequency service
  • Complies with NFPA80 requirements for use on fire rated door assemblies
  • Electric Modifications:
  • EMN (Electric Monitor Only)
  • ETW (Electric Through-Wire Only)
  • ETM (Electric Through-Wire with Monitoring)
  • Quick Connect

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